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Planetary Hoppers Platform specific notes

Planetary Hoppers have been written entirely in Java, which should theoretically provide flawless access for any platform that supports Java 1.1 or later. Unfortunately Java tends to be "Write once, run away" instead of "Write once, run everywhere". Therefore we gather here information about platforms (OS/JDK combinations) that have successfully run PH.

Please note that this list is not even trying to be complete. If you have tested PH on some unlisted platform, please mail your experiences, with operating system name and version, plus JDK name and version to Please use subject "PH platform note" in your mail.


  • Blackdown JDK 1.1.7v1a (green threads)
    Alhough not the latest version, this is the one used during early development, because it seemed to run PH with the least amount of problems. Only problem seems to be that the game map tends to reset to top left corner when mouse is clicked.


  • Macintosh Runtime Java 2.2 SDK (Sun version 1.1.8)
    If you want to run both host and client, make a copy of JBindery. That is the only way to run the same binary twice.


  • Solaris_JDK_1.2.1_04
    Works quite fine. Sometimes images behave strangly, but overall works ok. Solaris is currenly our development environment.

Windows (98)

  • JDK 1.2
    A bit slow, but no bigger problems
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