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Planetary Hoppers -- Some screenshots

Here are a few screenshots of the game. Note that not all graphics are yet complete, so some pictures don't belong where they appear. Click on thumbnail images for bigger versions.

Building first ship

This screenshot of the whole desktop shows all the windows of the game. Note the technology gallery showing information about scout ship. We are just building one and equipping it with one engine. The green circle in the map indicates the maximum movement of the ship with full fuel tank and all engines enabled. Note the typo in the technology gallery. It is not the only one.

Screenshot of all game windows

Captured a new planet

Here we have just captured a new planet with our scout ship. Note the blue rectangle around the planet indicating that it is not currently doing anything.

Out home planet (Donaldo) is currently improving hull technology to level 3. It seems to take two more rounds before we are ready.

Screenshot with new planet

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